The way we’re hunting for jobs isn’t working.


Job search as we know it has shifted and changed.


Yet, too many job seekers continue to use the same old outdated tactics – and get nowhere.







I'm Jen Morris and I am here to show you how to navigate career moves differently. 


I see the leader within you. I see the gifts you have to share with the world. And I know the transformation you’re here to make.


That’s why it’s my mission to demystify job search and empower you to land your next amazing job with ease.


In fact, I’ve got a goal to help 6000 professionals just like you land 6000 jobs in the next 12 months! 




Land A Job You Love With Ease!

Whether you're trying to have a fulfilling career, earn the income you deserve, build the confidence to make a change, or develop the necessary skills to garner interest in today's job market—you've come to the right place. 

Let me ask you:

  • How amazing will it feel to land a job faster than you thought you could?

  • What will it be like to have your choice of positions—because employers contact YOU regularly with new job opportunities?

  • How will your life change when you finally align career purpose with your passion—AND earn the income you desire?

Results like this are not only possible—they are happening to my clients every day.

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Job search can be a confusing time. Information is abundant, but how does it apply to you? We all have a unique career story—but can you tell yours in a way that gets you noticed by decision-makers? 



Don't waste time and lose opportunities through trial and error.


I provide a clear-cut action plan with expert guidance that's proven to get you tangible results. My cutting-edge strategies are proving time and time again to accelerate ambitious leaders into opportunities of their dreams.

"Jen is an experienced recruiter and knows what employers are looking for in your resume, LinkedIn profile. and interviews. She is a dedicated and knowledgeable professional who truly cares about your success and offers dynamic group and individual support through honest and thorough discussion. Her program will remove the mystery behind getting noticed on LinkedIn. moving past the ATS, standing out as a strong candidate, and winning that position. If you are frustrated, due to the long search and lack of response or just starting out, Jen will set you on the right track to success."

- Laura P.

Communications Manager

"After relocating to the west coast, I found myself in need of new insight, tools and techniques for building my network and identifying opportunities in a new market. Jen has a deep understanding of these challenges and her observations immediately resonated with me. The practical, process-oriented approach Jen provides can be applied easily and it produces meaningful results. Within days of working with Jen, I had a much better view of the opportunities ahead of me along with a common sense approach for capturing how I can add value in an organization. The time I spent with Jen helped me to organize my approach, increase my effectiveness and most importantly to build a reusable strategy."

- Jason L.

Operations Leader

Why should you trust me with your job search strategy?

  • I’m a former executive recruiter who has reviewed tens of thousands of applications. I know what got my attention.


  • For more than fifteen years I was a hiring manager AND I’ve trained hundreds of managers on how to identify top talent. I know what gets their attention.


  • I’ve seen all sides of the job search because I’ve also been a job seeker myself. I know the importance of a job that lights you up and the desire to not waste any time finding it. 


  • I have helped thousands navigate today’s virtual hiring process. I know how to avoid the overwhelm and leverage technology to work for you.


  • My business exists to remove the mystery and help you navigate career moves to fuel your professional journey for years to come.



According to my most recent client survey....

  • 1 in 3 land in under 8 weeks*

  • 50% land in under 90 days*

* Compare to average executive search time of 7 to 12+ months. 



Learned how to stand out to decision-makers



Boosted Networking Effectiveness



Received Strategic Job Search Guidance

But who am I, really? 



I am a job search expert for mid-career professionals who want to increase confidence on LinkedIn and land an amazing job with ease.



When I’m not busy assisting job seekers, you’ll find me on my Peloton (leaderboard name: BlueHen_Jen) or cruising around Atlanta with my Frenchie, Zoe Smalls "The Intern".


"I was stuck in my career search and Jen was able to get me unstuck and provide a fresh manner in which to approach my job search. Intelligent, organized, professional, and just darn good at getting you the proper track towards landing your dream job." 

- Matt H.

Senior Account Executive

"I wholeheartedly endorse this opportunity. Jennifer has been one of the most insightful and realistic people in the recruiting/training realm I have met. Her advice and knowledge of the overall job search process will help you retool, retrench, and get your search on track!" 

- Bob T.

Trade Show and Event Marketing