Interviews that Woo

Are you landing interviews but not getting the job offer? 




Are you someone who hasn’t interviewed in years, (or ever) and you want to know how to prepare for the interview process?

You already know exactly what you want ~

You want to be memorable and stand out as a top candidate. 


You want to know what your target companies are looking for and how to convey that in a way that moves you towards the job offer.


You want to know what to say (or not say) in the interview.


You want to have a repeatable plan to position yourself as the #1 candidate.


You want to be fully prepared to knock each interview question out of the park. 


And you want to provide the information decision-makers need to hear so they will easily choose you over others. 


I’m going to show you how to make all of the above your reality. 

Introducing Interviews That Woo

Interviews That Woo- Career Inspo with Jen Morris

The program includes immediate access to: 

3 Video Trainings

  • How to prepare for an interview so you stand out as the #1 candidate

  • How to craft a cohesive career story to demonstrate your fit and how to ask compelling questions to help you make an informed decision

  • How to answer the most common interview questions and avoid nervous rambling, including how to get feedback on the interview to gain a better understanding of your performance and whether you will move forward in the hiring process

Interview Toolbox

Get immediate access to the Interview Toolbox with resources like worksheets and templates to prepare and structure your answers to the most common interview questions:

  • Positioning with Purpose

  • Stories that Stand Out

  • 10 Reasons Why Employers Hire

  • And more!

Optional Add-On

One 50-minute private coaching session to practice and prepare so you are confident going into your next interview. The session will be recorded so you can playback as needed. 


Gain the feedback you’ve been craving from potential employers BEFORE you even enter your next interview. We will practice common scenarios so you don’t feel like you’re going into interviews guessing at what the interviewer is looking for.


Clarify any questions around what you are saying or how you are saying it. Learn what NOT to say in the interview so you can avoid raising a red-flag from the employer's perspective.

One-Time Payment



All sales final

Add (One) 50-Minute Private Coaching Session




 Calls added later will be sold at the regular price of $300/ session

All sales final

This Program Is For You If...

  • You’re getting interviews but NOT getting offers.

  • You’ve been the runner up more times than you care to count.

  • You haven’t interviewed in years - or ever

  •  You aren’t sure about how to answer questions because you don’t know what they’re looking for

  • You don’t know how to structure your answer, so you end up sounding nervous and unclear

  • You don’t know what questions will be asked or how to prepare

  • You are unclear on how to tell YOUR story

  • You are confused about how to talk about your work history, especially things that might be seen as a red flag  (layoff, job-hopping, demotion, etc)

    (This is where the private coaching session brings maximum value!)

  • You are well qualified and would love some guidance about how to demonstrate your value in ways that don’t make the employer feel intimidated or threatened by your level of experience during the interview.




Here’s why I can help you...


I’ve been on the other side of the table. 


- I have interviewed 1000s of people in my career. I’ve also trained 100s of hiring managers on how to identify top talent and how to interview people. I can show you how to highlight the characteristics that make you a dream come true in your interview. 


- I have also been the recruiter between the applicant and the company. That’s right. I was the person delivering the “You weren’t the right fit” message. So I know the specific feedback from the company’s standpoint and I can give you the honest truth about what’s going on when they pass on particular candidates.


- I can help you present yourself as a lower hiring risk. Companies don’t want to make risky hires. It’s expensive. So if there’s anything that makes you a high-risk applicant, I can coach you through how to talk about that so you lower the risk from the employer’s perspective.


Frequently asked questions

What happens on a coaching call?

As soon as you sign up, you get immediate access to the training videos and resources. You also get a link to book the call. On the call, we will go over your work and discuss anything that you feel isn't clear about how you're presenting yourself in interviews. You leave the call with the feedback you've been craving but haven't been getting.

Should I schedule my call first or complete the training first?

Can I book more than one coaching call?

Let’s work together to turn those interviews into job offers!


One-Time Payment



All sales final

Add (One) 50-Minute Private Coaching Session




 Calls added later will be sold at the regular price of $300/ session

All sales final

Your videos are AMAZING and work wonders. I now have an offer AND another interview that went extremely well.

I received a call today and was offered the position!! So excited and happy about this opportunity. Your one-on-one training definitely helped and also the videos.



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