One thing you know for certain - you’re not interested in wasting one more minute trolling the job boards and applying online with nothing to show for your time. 

If you just knew what to focus on, you know you could...

Supercharge Your Search  


Jen has a very prescriptive step-by-step process that will give you a concrete way to begin -- and continue until you find the position you want.

Streamline your search to START landing interviews and STOP wasting time!

Why should you trust me to help you with your LinkedIn job search strategy?

  • I’m a former executive recruiter who has reviewed tens of thousands of LinkedIn profiles. I know what got my attention.

  • For more than fifteen years, I was also a hiring manager. I trained hundreds of managers on how to identify top talent.

  • I’ve seen all sides of the job search because I’ve also been a job seeker and have never had a search last more than 90 days. EVER!

  • I saw the competition for jobs increase massively with the shift to virtual hiring. I want to alleviate the job seeker overwhelm created by today’s hiring technology.

  • I’ve spent thousands of dollars learning how to master the platform from the world’s top LinkedIn trainers. I know LinkedIn like the back of my hand.

  • My business exists to remove the mystery from job search and to show you how to land a job on LinkedIn – PLUS, grow a network to fuel your career for years to come.

 I had to turn down interview requests, and I was able to leverage one company's interest against another's to get an amazing offer- all within 7 weeks!


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